Bill C-59 Requires More Reforms

September 19, 2017
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The CMLA has partnered with several civil rights organizations and experts to express our concerns with the revised national security legislation known as Bill C-59.  Although the amendments in Bill C-59 address some of the problems in the predecessor legislation (Bill C-51) more reforms are needed to improve oversight of agencies, procedural fairness, and limits.. read more →

The CMLA Granted Leave to Intervene in Two Supreme Court of Canada Cases

September 12, 2017
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We are proud to announce that the CMLA has been granted Intervenor status in 2 cases at the Supreme Court of Canada. 1) Canadian Human Rights Commission v. Attorney General of Canada.   Hearing date: November 28, 2017 The CMLA will be represented by counsel:  Kumail Karimjee Nabila F. Qureshi Case Summary: Canadian Charter of.. read more →

Unconditional Ban on Torture

February 1, 2017
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The CMLA, along with seven other human rights organizations, wrote to the Honourable Ralph Goodale, the Minister of Public Safety, highlighting the “urgent need for Canada to revise the Ministerial Directives on torture issued by the previous government to conform to the unconditional ban on torture in international law.” The full letter may be found.. read more →

CMLA submits comments on Government of Canada Green Paper on National Security

December 16, 2016
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The CMLA submitted its comments to the Government of Canada on the ‘Our Security, Our Rights: National Security Green Paper, 2016′, which may be accessed here. In keeping with its previous submissions and testimony on the Anti-terrorism Act, 2015 (Bill C-51) before the House of Commons Committee on Public Safety and National Security, the CMLA reiterated its.. read more →

CMLA makes submissions before the Quebec National Assembly re: Bill 62

December 12, 2016
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On November 2, 2016, the CMLA presented its brief on Bill 62 regarding state religious neutrality and religious accommodation before a committee of the Quebec National Assembly. L’ACAM était en commission parlementaire à Québec, le 2 novembre 2016, pour y présenter son mémoire sur le projet de loi 62 concernant la neutralité religieuse de l’État et les.. read more →

“Time to name an Aboriginal justice to the Supreme Court”

March 28, 2016
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Nader Hasan, of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association, and Fahad Siddiqui have published a piece in today’s edition of the Toronto Star advocating for the appointment of an Aboriginal candidate to the Supreme Court of Canada, in light of Justice Thomas Cromwell’s impending retirement.  The article can be read here. read more →

CMLA makes submissions on Quebec Bill 54 on Animal Welfare

October 27, 2015
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The Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association filed its submissions on Quebec Bill 54: An Act to improve the legal situation of animals.  The National Assembly of Quebec Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Resources began its study of the bill last week. The CMLA believes that the bill generally constitutes a positive development for the protection.. read more →

CMLA makes submissions before the Quebec National Assembly re: Bill 59

September 23, 2015
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On September 23, 2015, the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association made submission to the Quebec National Assembly on Bill 59. The Bill, introduced by the Quebec government earlier this year as part of a plan against radicalization, aims to establish civil measures against hate speech,  incitement to violence, and forced marriages. The CMLA’s submission before the.. read more →

COMMUNIQUÉ: L’ACAM sera aujourd’hui en commission parlementaire afin de présenter son mémoire sur le Projet de loi 59

September 23, 2015
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Le mercredi, 23 septembre, 2015 L’Association Canadienne des Avocats Musulmans (ACAM) sera aujourd’hui en commission parlementaire afin de présenter son mémoire sur le Projet de loi 59 (Projet de loi). L’ACAM estime que le Projet de loi répond à des objectifs louables. Elle estime qu’il est primordial de mettre en place des mesures qui visent.. read more →

CMLA to speak at the Quebec National Assembly re: Bill 59

August 12, 2015
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The CMLA will make submissions on Bill 59 before the Quebec National Assembly on hate speech, honour crimes and forced marriage on September 23, 2015. The submissions will be made as part of an invitation from the public to testify before a committee of the National Assembly. For further updates, please check back regularly and.. read more →