Mission Statement

Founded in 1998, the CMLA’s membership consists of roughly  200 Canadian Muslim lawyers. Our goal is to interact with and assist Canadian Muslim lawyers, law students, the Canadian Muslim community, the legal profession and the public at large in various capacities:


The CMLA advocates on areas of interest to Canadian Muslim lawyers and law students in a variety of fora, including the Law Society of Upper Canada and other Canadian law societies, the Canadian Bar Association and other professional and non-professional organizations, including the courts and various levels of government.


The CMLA provides its members with professional education opportunities and eases access to justice issues by educating the Canadian Muslim community on a variety of topics of Canadian law.  In addition, we aim to educate and sensitize the legal profession to the legal needs of Canadian Muslims.


The CMLA acts as a catalyst for networking amongst Canadian Muslim lawyers, between Canadian Muslim legal professionals and other Muslim professional organizations, and importantly, we aim to foster professional relationships between CMLA members and members of equity-seeking groups.


The CMLA provides mentorship to students and junior lawyers, assistance with job placement, referrals and general support to CMLA members.